NETs teach students twice a week

We believe that the most effective way of learning English language is to use the language in an authentic situation. That is why we employ 2 native English-speaking teachers and design a variety of English activities such as fun day, drama show and Australian study tour to enhance English learning in our school.


Our NETs teach students twice a week. Read on to find out more about them.


My name is Mr Moss and I come from England. I left England around 11 years ago and have lived in Hong Kong for 10 years. I used to be a music technology teacher at a university, but when I came to Hong Kong I decided to teach English.


In my English lessons, I strive to incorporate physical activities to encourage students to be active while learning. These usually include drama tasks, large-space classroom games and cooking and handicrafts.


Seeing as my background is in technology and education, I also enjoying developing new ideas for using technology in English acquisition. This usually involves iPads and apps such as Adobe Spark, Nearpod and multimedia applications.


I look forward to teaching your children in the future, and I hope to see you soon.


And now, let’s find out more about Fred.


I’m Mr. Fred and I came to Hong Kong from Sweden 10 years ago. Hong Kong is very different from Sweden which is very green with nature everywhere, but I have always felt at home here in this city. Before I came to Hong Kong I studied and worked briefly with movies, as I’ve always been interested in all forms of storytelling.

During my lessons I am teaching mostly lower primary, focusing on synthetic phonics and reading using Read Write Inc. (RWI) from Oxford publishing.  It is a program that focuses on helping students identify phonemes, blending as well as decoding words; improving their reading and writing skills.

I also use my background in storytelling and creative writing to motivate students to have fun while learning, improving their creativity and willingness to write and read in English.

During my after-school class, we focus on improving students’ spoken English as well as their confidence. Through various activities such as video making, short dramas, voice recordings and other forms of interactions I encourage them to use English in a natural way that will be useful for them in everyday life, as well as help them professionally in their future.