Education Support Provided for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Student(s)

Chi Lin Buddhist Primary School Support Summary

for the 2020/21 School Year


Our school was provided with additional funding by the Education Bureau in the 2020/21 school year. With reference to school-based circumstances, we provided support for our NCS student(s) and assigned a dedicated teacher/team to coordinate relating matters. Details are as follows:


  1. With reference to the learning progress and needs of NCS student(s), our school adopted the following mode(s) to enhance the support for learning of Chinese of NCS student(s) in the 2020/21 school year#:
  • Appointing 1 teaching assistant (including assistant of different race(s)) to support the learning of Chinese of NCS student(s).
  • In-class support and group learning were provided in Chinese Language lessons. (Level(s): P4 & P6)
  • Chinese learning group(s) and Summer bridging course(s) were provided as after-school support. (Level(s): P4 & P6)
  1. Our school’s measures for creating an inclusive learning environment included#:
  • Translating major school circulars/important matters on school webpage
  • Organizing a cultural programme for all students to know more about different cultures of the NCS which promote better integration
  1. Our school’s measures for promoting home-school cooperation with parents of NCS student(s) included#:
  • Appointing assistant(s) who can speak English and/or other language(s) facilitating the communication with parents of NCS student(s)
  • Discussing the learning progress (including learning of Chinese) of NCS student(s) with their parents on a regular basis
  • Providing parents of NCS student(s) with information on school choices/ further studies/career pursuits for their children


    [#:  The support measures mentioned in Parts (1) to (3) above are for reference only. Depending on the different learning progress and needs of NCS student(s) of each school year, as well as allocation of school resources, our school will adjust the support measures concerned.]


    For further enquiries about the education support our school provided for NCS

student(s), please contact Ms Li Kit Yiu at 2246 3959.







  • 本校按非華語學生的學習進度和需要,在2020/21學年採用以下方式加強支援他們的中文學習#:
  • 聘請1名教學助理(包括不同種族的助理),以支援非華語學生學習中文。
  • 中文科課堂上提供的支援:小組學習和支援教學 (年級:P4 & P6)
  • 課後提供的支援:中文學習小組和暑期銜接課程 (年級:P4 & P6)


  • 本校建構共融校園的措施包括#:
  • 翻譯主要學校通告/學校網頁的重要事項
  • 舉辦促進文化共融/提高多元文化及宗教敏感度的活動,例如於演藝時段介紹非華語學生的文化和習俗以達致互相尊重


  • 本校向非華語學生家長推廣家校合作的措施包括#:
  • 聘請會說英語及/或其他語言的助理促進與非華語學生家長的溝通
  • 定期與非華語學生的家長討論其子女的學習進度(包括中文學習)
  • 為非華語學生的家長提供有關其子女選校、升學、就業的資訊




如就本校為非華語學生提供的教育支援有進一步查詢,請致電2246 3959與李洁姚姑娘聯絡。